"Your Tree Care Business Success Story Starts Here"
"Your Tree Care Business Success Story Starts Here"
Stand Out From The Crowd

Owning and operating a tree care business is a great accomplishment. Keeping that business going, and setting yourself apart from the many other businesses can be tough, however. Tree care is a profession that will always be in demand, therefore you will have some hefty competition to deal with.

What you do to set yourself apart, and be a reliable conclusion for the consumer, is what will keep your business going for many years. In today’s web-driven state, consumers are more likely to visit many different tree care companies before they settle on one to hire. They are looking at price comparisons, reviews, and what you have to offer.

Almost all business owners out there are going to be competitive in what they offer and their pricing structure. So how do you strategically place yourself above the rest? We have outlined below how to set yourself apart from your competition, and how to gain loyal customers.

Create A Trustworthy Online Presence

There is more to having a reliable trustworthy presence online then being the first site someone sees in the search results. It is true though, that the majority of people will look online when they need a service performed. There are several things you can do to make your company reliable in the eyes of the potential customer.

  • Positive Reviews: Roughly 70% of people are more apt to trust a positive review than an ad. People look at reviews as recommendations from a friend. Having these reviews visible will help set you apart.
  • Have Linked Business Accounts: Research also shows that most consumers will google your business after they visit your website. Having your social media business pages, and things like your Google My Business page, completely filled out and current will make your company seem more reliable.
  • Pictures and Videos: We are in an era of visual media. Posting pictures and videos to your website or social media gives the appearance of there being a face behind the company.

Having a presence online alone is going to help your company generate new customers, but giving the customer a feeling of assurance is what will set you apart.

Excellent Customer Service

Good customer service is what most business owners aim for. Having excellent customer service that goes above and beyond for a customer is what will set you apart. Another crucial aspect of stellar customer service is building personal relationships with the people you serve.

The average customer is more likely to be a repeat customer, and recommend you to others if they feel they have a personal connection with the company. Making someone feel that their needs are important and their questions are a priority will help build that foundation.

It is also important to note that things will not always go smoothly. Being able to handle a difficult situation, give great solutions, and apologize will also go a long way to giving the customer a positive experience.

Be Transparent

One of the biggest factors in building trust with consumers is being completely transparent. No one wants to feel like the wool has been pulled over their eyes. In fact, most people believe big corporations to be shady.

Keeping your business, and business practices, as transparent as possible will build trust and security. Small businesses actually have the upper hand in this case, as bigger companies will have a more difficult time being completely transparent due to legal issues. Being honest and transparent is, by far, what will set you apart from the crowd.

Work With The Best

In a profession such as tree care, working with equipment that is well known gives people peace of mind; even if they don’t know it. It works the same way as an ice cream shop advertising that they make milkshakes with real milk!

While using the best is not always an option (especially for smaller and newer business), you can still work with the best! Setting yourself apart from the crowd can be difficult and take time. In the meantime, it is difficult to project the growth of your company or have any assurance as to whether it will survive.

At Tree Service Marketer we are experts at setting you apart from the crowd. We are experienced in optimizing your tree care company to make sure you are getting the traffic you deserve. Call us today to see how we can help grow your business!

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