"Your Tree Care Business Success Story Starts Here"
"Your Tree Care Business Success Story Starts Here"
PPC Campaign

In our overcrowded web community, keeping your website visible with consistent traffic is a full-time job onto itself. Many small business owners opt to pay for their advertising with a PPC campaign through Google. Paying for ads can put you to the top of the SERP right away. Though good SEO practices still apply, paid campaigns can take away a lot of the struggle to get your website seen by those you’re looking to serve.

Google offers different paid ad campaigns (AdWords) that any business can take advantage of. Their most popular campaign is their PPC or pay per click option. PPC is where you can set a specific budget per day, and you pay a small fee every time someone clicks on your link.

Like anything else, there are drawbacks to the program. For example, if you are not utilizing keywords correctly, you may get a lot of clicks that do not generate leads. This can quickly become expensive.

For that reason (and others) we are going to go over how to get the most out of your pay per click Google Ads campaign that you can use to boost your tree care company’s business!

Spend Some Quality Time

When you think about quality time, your family or even your pets may come to mind! It’s important, however, to be prepared to spend some quality time on your ad campaign if you want to get the best ROI. These are a few things you should concentrate on.

  • Keywords- As we mentioned above, keywords can play a crucial role in your ad campaign. To avoid useless clicks, you want to experiment with different keywords. Which ones get the most conversions? You may also want to investigate negative keywords. For example; if you use the negative keyword “planting” it tells Google not to show your ad when people search with that term
  • SEO-While paying for ads can give you a boost, combining your PPC campaign with SEO will give you the best ROI. Organic search results are the top of SEO. If you are able to use both, you will have an increase in your site traffic with more conversions.
  • Analyze Data-This is an important one. Like keywords, you want to try and analyze the data your ads produce. You may be missing a certain demographic that could result in a new customer base. Also, you want to pay attention to any changes in what people are searching for as far as word usage-this includes vocal searches.

Listen to Google

Google has actually done its job and is very helpful in what will work within their ads. If you already have a PPC ad campaign, you have probably noticed there is a limit to the length of your verbiage within the ads.

You also want to do research that Google provides. Take a look at your competitors to see what they are doing (note; you can even bid on your competitor’s keywords). Google can also be a helpful tool in finding the right demographic for you to target. Though this does go back to our “spend time” section, doing due diligence on keywords, ad structure, etc is all within the Google-sphere.

Other things to take advantage of is Google’s keyword planner. This will give you Ad groups, average monthly searches for your keywords, what your competition is, and a suggested bid. When it comes to developing your ad, this is a very useful tool that will help you figure out how to target your ideal audience.

Finally, for small businesses such as a tree care company, you want to set up your campaign within a geographic location; which Google allows you to do! You can set up your ads so they are only being shown to people that search within the area you service.

Don’t Get Discouraged!

When starting out with a new PPC campaign it can be confusing and intimidating. Many people believe it is too complicated and give up! We understand that it can take time to get your PPC up and running correctly.

It is also understandable that with the daily running of a business, devoting that much time to AdWords is not realistic. There are those ready to help, though! At Tree Service Marketer we are experienced with digital marketing and Google PPC ads. We can walk you through the setup, and get you ahead of the crowd! Call us today!

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