"Your Tree Care Business Success Story Starts Here"
"Your Tree Care Business Success Story Starts Here"
Online Marketing essentails for Tree Business

Running the daily operations of a successful tree care company is a lot of work. Equipment, safety procedures, employees, and scheduling are all part of the day to day responsibilities. Maintaining a growing company that continues to attract new customers can be a job onto itself, as well.

Online marketing is an essential part of any small business plan. In order to grow and thrive in today’s economy, you must have an online presence that will benefit your business. As we continue to rely on the web for our information, the online marketplace has become increasingly crowded. Setting yourself apart is crucial!

Understanding that you need to set yourself apart, and knowing how to do so, can be two different things though. Your online marketing strategy is going to determine whether you’re at the top of the search results or whether your website will never be found.

As Google’s algorithms change constantly, it can be difficult to keep on top of your SEM (search engine marketing). Having basic knowledge, however, is the first step to having a successful SEM plan. We have outlined below the three key marketing strategies your tree care company should be doing now!

Practise Good SEO

SEO (search engine optimization) is a key component of your business’s visibility online. SEO is affected by many different factors; all of which will impact your SERP (search engine results page) placement. Though SEO encompasses a lot of different areas, it’s good to get into the practice of keeping your eye on these basic areas:

  • Keywords – Make sure your keywords are optimized in your titles, H2 headings, Alt text, and remember to utilize long-tail keywords!
  • User Experience – An important SEO aspect is the user-friendliness of your site. Make sure it is mobile-friendly, downloads quickly, and has relevant information readily available.
  • Social Media –Your social media presence will also rank in SEO, and many of your customers may look at your profile for further business information.
  • Links – Internal and external links both play a role in SEO. Linking content internally will lead to longer time on your site. External links show confidence from other companies and will boost your SEO ranking.
  • Content-Besides your keywords, the content that you are publishing should be optimized. It should be easy to read, relevant, and include pictures.

These are only the basics of good SEO practices, and you could potentially make a full-time job of each individual section. Having an idea of what to look for, however, can get your tree care business noticed!

Consider Trying Google Ads

SEO is an important aspect of your digital marketing plan for your tree care business, but the effects of good SEO can take time, trial, and error. Another option is Google Ads. Google advertising is a way to get your business on top of the SERP right away.

For this marketing avenue, you will need a budget. Most small business owners opt for a PPC (pay per click) campaign; which means you will pay a small fee every time someone clicks on your link. Google has the farthest reach of any search engine out there, and paying for ads can put you above the organic results for your area.

Local Service Ads

Google has also recently rolled out local service ads (LSA) that have been at the top of your search results lately. This is a fairly new marketing option that allows you to show up in search results when your “business category” is searched in your location.

The main differences between LSA and Google Ads is when you use LSA you are choosing from categories versus keywords. So, for example, if you type in tree care company you will pop up as an ad at the top of the SERP in your area. Another difference is how you pay. Unlike PPC, you will pay per lead.

The features included with LSA allows you to manage your accounts and contacts right through the ad. You can also apply for a Google Guarantee badge that will further your success. As this is a new feature through Google, there are sure to be some changes made to improve the system. It will be rolled out nationally this year with many different category options.

Don’t Neglect Your Google My Business Page

Many small business owners do not realize the importance of their Google My Business page; or that it even exists. Google My Business (GMB) is a free site that Google developed to act as modern-day yellow pages.


Through your GMB you can add all of your business information, pictures, reviews, and you can communicate with your customers and book jobs. Having your GMB filled out completely can actually help you rank better in local SEO.

Another reason GMB is important; Approximately 60% of online shoppers will search for a business up to six times per year. In that case, if a customer searches for tree care businesses three times over the Spring and Summer, you will be more likely to show up in the SERP if your GMB is available. Having your GMB visible with relevant information will help you stand out and increase your reach.

Invest In Your Tree Care Business

Online Marketing can be a huge asset to your company. Investing time and a budget to your campaign can make your reach that much stronger. Digital marketing can be confusing, however. Though we covered the basics, and the more important avenue’s, there are many other areas that you can use to strengthen your visibility on the web.

Tree Service Marketer is experienced in small business marketing strategies. We understand that running your tree care company is a lot to handle, and focusing on the backend of SEO may not get the attention it deserves.

We are here to help and take your business to the next level. Call us today for a consultation, and see how you can get ahead of the crowd!

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